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Our LocationBhiwani, Kanshapatti, Patti, Pratapgarh (U.P.)


To integrate the goals of SNS Public School and its students through a process of performance evaluation andmonitoring.
To enhance awareness of Role and Goal among the Teacher,sStudents and concerned  Parents.
To prepare a long term and short term performance planning and review on the basis of synthetic analysis of students self, appraisal, Parent data feedback.
Improving level of motivation in each student regardless of their profiles by making the target more pragmatic, objective andachievable.                                                                        .                                                                        .
Comprehensive commitment to excellence inprofessional competence-encouragementbut in conformity
to the target.
Keeping students away from the vicious cycle of frustration by scheduling very objective and frequent one-to-one councelling sessions.


Strict discipline rules have been observed in the school. Principal can take any disciplinary action if anyone fails to follow therules.
    1. Running, shouting, playing or any kinds ofdisturbance during the class hours is strictly prohibited.
    2. Students must respect all the authorities of the school. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct should beinculcated among the students.
    3. The damages done to the school property by the students should becompensated.
    4. There must be punctuality during school hours. No late comers are allowed to enter the school campus.
    5. Neat andproper uniforms are essential for the students.
    6. 75% attendance is compulsory to sit in the final examinations.